Haras de Bossy

Horse-breeding is a family affair at La Tuilière. Charlotte’s grandmother, Eva Lundin, started breeding in the 1980s by having her mare covered by a neighbour’s stallion in exchange for a lawnmower.

This crossing produced a very good horse who was later spotted at the Fontainebleau finals. This was the turning point for Eva and the start of a wonderful adventure.

Things went from strength to strength and Charlotte’s mother, Nicola Mordasini, gradually took over the reins of the breeding operation after acquiring the “La Tuilière” estate, which inspired the breeding affix.

With space running out, the broodmares, foals and young horses in training moved to the Haras de Bossy in 2020.

Located in Scientrier, around thirty minutes from La Tuilière, in the aptly named “Green Valley”, the stud farm has been completely renovated.

Under the management of Nicola Mordasini and her husband Rémy Richard, everything is in place to ensure that the horses are bred and developed with respect for their physical and mental integrity.

A breeding centre enables the mares to be monitored and inseminated on site, and foaling to be managed. The foals then grow up in some thirty hectares of parkland enclosed by wooden fences.

The Haras de Bossy also has a competition stable where horses aged 3 to 6 are trained on site. Whether they were born at Bossy or purchased, they are developed in the best possible conditions to enable them to reach the highest possible level.

They take part in the SHF circuit with riders specializing in young horses.

The fruit of the close collaboration between Nicola, Rémy, Charlotte and Mark, the best of them will then join La Tuilière to discover the High Level show jumping.

Very involved in the local breeding association, Nicola and Remy host breeding competitions (foals, 2 and 3 year olds) at the Haras de Bossy several times a year.

They were born in la Tuilière:

BABYLONE TUILIERE – CSI 1.45m with Loic Mordasini (FRA)

VALENTINO TUILIERE – CSI 1.60m with Mark McAuley (IRL)

UNIVERS LA TUILIERE – CSI 1.50m with Maartje Verberckmoed (BEL)

STAR LA TUILIERE – CSI 1.55m with Kara Chad (CAN)

ROMANTICA LA TUILIERE – CSI 1.50m with Charlotte McAuley (SWE)

LEX TUILIERE – CSI 1.55m with Santiago Lambre (MEX)