Stables La Tuilière

La Tuilière combines authenticity,
charm and high standard facilities on this 30 acre estate.

Our History

The love of horses is a family matter in la Tuilière.
It is something that was passed from generation to generation on both Mark and Charlotte’s side.

In Sweden Charlotte’s great grand father used to be a show jumper and so was his daughter Eva Lundin, Charlotte’s grand mother.

Horses were always part of Eva’s life, In Switzerland she kept a few horses at home and went to the show with her daughters Mona and Nicola.

Eva started breeding with her own mare that she had covered with the neighbor’s stallion in exchange for a lawn mower. This horse was called Pirate de Romblaz and was sold as a young horse to local dealer Guy Martin.

When a few years later in 1983 Eva got a call from someone telling her that her horse was in L’Eperon (the main french equestrian magazine) because it had done well at the french final for young horses in Fontainebleau it made her clic. She thought it was so great that she kept breeding and was every year at the young horse final after that.

The same year, Eva and her husband Adolf bought the Domaine La Tuilière in Viry and its surrounding 30 hectares. She bred a few good horses such as Vixen who jumped on the Swiss national team with Philippe Putallaz or Image Tuilière who jumped in La Baule under the saddle of Irish rider Trevor Coyle.

Eva passed the stud’s torch to her daughter Nico, who also quickly achieved success with Valentino Tuilière, who won a lot in CSI5*.

For a few years now, La Tuilière is managed by Charlotte and Mark.

Even if the breeding horses have moved to the Haras de Bossy, but the large undulating meadows of the Tuilière are now home to Charlotte and Mark’s favourite retired horses: Kalimba Champeix (2 times European Junior Champion with Charlotte), Utchan de Belhème (Winner of Nations Cups, GP 5* in Aachen, La Baule, Rome, with Mark. .) Tiny Toon Semilly (CSI5* Paris Saut Hermes, 5* Malines, Göteborg, Genève with Charlotte) and of course Miebello (Winner of the GP 5* in Lyon, World Cup Finalist in Paris,.with Mark…)

Vision – Mission

We strive to reach the best level in our sport and constantly try to get better while our horses are the center of attention and get the best cares possible. We believe that the well being of the horse is a top priority in our sport and as the sport develops and gets more and more accurate every small detail now makes a difference.

But the horses will always be our priority and we will never put our own sportive goals before them.